CMDIView(BRect frame, const char *name, uint32 mdiFlags=0, uint32 resizingMode=B_FOLLOW_NONE, uint32 flags=0);

framePosition inside the parent view.
nameInternal name and title of this MDI view.
_mdiFlagsFlags. See remarks section for details.
resizingModeBeOS resizing mode. Should be B_FOLLOW_NONE.
flagsBeOS flag combination. B_WILL_DRAW, B_FULL_UPDATE_ON_RESIZE and B_FRAME_EVENTS are automatically added, before the flags are passed to the CTitledView constructor.

The parameter '_mdiFlags' can be combination of following values:
MDI_NOT_MOVABLE View isn't movable.
MDI_NOT_CLOSABLE The title tab doesn't contain a close button. The user can't close MDI views which have this flag set.
MDI_NOT_RESIZABLE View isn't resizable. Set this flag if your MDI child view isn't resizable. Should be combinated with the MDI_NOT_MAXIMIZABLE flag.
MDI_NO_TITLE_TAB Don't create a title tab for this view. The user can't close a a view without a title tab.
MDI_REDRAW_BELOW Force redraw for views below, whenever this view is moved or resized. Set this flag, if your view has a view color other than TRANSPARENT. You should avoid this, because it's a lot slower. (And flickers).
MDI_NOT_MINIMIZABLE View isn't minimizable.
MDI_NOT_MAXIMIZABLE View isn't maximizable. You should set this flag if you have also set MDI_NOT_RESIZABLE.


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