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Be TaskManager stores the current state of almost every GUI element (e.g. postion of the main window, width of a column in the teams tab etc.) in its settings file. This means you don't have to resize or move the window to your preferred position every time you start the program.

All settings are automatically saved, when you close the main window.

The Settings Dialog

To open the settings dialog select "Settings..." menu entry in the "View" menu.

The settings dialog provides the following options:

Don't hide deskbar replicant on close
Normally the deskbar replicant is removed from the deskbar, when you close Be TaskManager. If you enable this setting, the deskbar replicant is available, even when you close Be TaskManger. A double click on the deskbar replicant re-opens the main window.
Hide system teams
Hides the system teams in the teams tab.
Lets you select which columns are displayed in the teams tab.

Menu Settings

All settings which aren't part of the settings dialog are change through entries in the view menu.

Changes the update speed for all views inside the main window. All replicant views aren't affected by this setting. Following settings are available:
Slow One update every 2 seconds.
Normal One update every 1 second.
Fast One update every 0.5 seconds.
Show in Deskbar
If this menu entry is marked, the deskbar replicant is displayed.
Show in all Workspaces
If this menu entry is marked Be TaskManager is displayed in every Workspace, not only the one it was opened in.

The Settings File

The settings are stored in /boot/home/config/settings/TaskMgr_settings. If you delete this file the default settings are restored.

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