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News 30.08.04
Made the source code of Be TaskManager available. Also released version 0.1.7. It doesn't include any code changes it only adds a Italian localization.
News 08.12.02
Version 0.1.6 available. It includes a Japanese localization and some smaller bugfixes.
News 16.11.02
Version 0.1.5 available. Mainly a maintenance release. It fixes some update issues of the team list and installation problems reported by some users.
News 28.07.02
Version 0.1.4 available. Includes a new scripting API to access and modifiy the currently running applications (teams).
X-Kill enhancements: While dragging the crosshair the currently selected team is highlighted in the team list.
News 21.01.02
Version 0.1.3 available. Localization into spanish. Added volume information (used bytes etc.) to the performance information. Updated deskbar replicant.
News 05.06.01
Version 0.1.2 available. Localization into french and german, improved installation.
Includes a x-kill like functionality: simply kill applications by dragging a cross-hair on one of their windows.
News 04.06.01
Updated Be TaskManager homepage. Finally! After more than half a year without changes I totally reworked the TaskManager homepage. I hope you like it :)
News 29.10.00
Version 0.1.1 available. Now we have a PowerPC Version!!
News 28.08.00
Version 0.1.0 available. Since version 0.10 there is a new and cool performance view in the Be Taskmanager.
Also new in version 0.10 there is a new plugin API where you can write your own datasources which BeTaskmanager can display in its performance view. With new extended scripting properties you can now change every aspect of the BeTaskmanager on the fly (A cool Utility for doing this is hey). Also now you can kill a team which is controlled by the debugger. Additionally there are some bug fixes and less flickering during resize.
News 08.06.00
Version 0.0.9 available. Includes some bug-fixes and speed-ups. Now you can set the priority of a team!!
Every team now has a context menu entry which allows the user to send a B_QUIT_REQUESTED message to that team. If the team isn't reacting on that request within 10 seconds, a dialog pops up, asking if you want to kill that team.
News 22.04.00
Version 0.0.8 available. The CPU Usage and memory usage are displayed as bars in the team view, there is less LED view flickering and you can select the columns of the team view in the settings dialog.
News 31.03.00
Version 0.0.7 available. Since this version there is another full-blur effect in the aboutbox. In the new settings dialog you can hide system teams in the listbox!! The GUI is now totally font sensitive, there is an extended replicant menu, and a tooltip-window for the replicant in the tracker and more.
News 18.03.00
Version 0.0.6 available. You can use the taskmanager-view as replicants (eg.: for the desktop)
News 22.02.00
Version 0.0.5 available. Since version 0.0.5 there is a stunning cool Blur Effect in the about-window. Thanks to TaskManager has a new, cool Icon!!!!
Be TaskManager now saves and restores the Window-size and the multi-column preferences!
Improved multi-column multi-sort team view!!
News 10.10.99
Version 0.0.3 available. Since version 0.0.3 the processor-usage can be shown in the DeskBar.
In the menu you can change the update-speed.
News 01.10.99
First public release of Be TaskManager.


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