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Welcome to 3rd-evolution

Founded in 1992, 3rd-evolution is a group of programmers based in Germany. We are dedicated to high quality software design and development.

Our mission is to provide high performance tools and applications for diverse platforms including BeOS, Windows and Linux. Furthermore we are conducting high profile software research and participate in various open source projects. We want to attract and retain highly motivated and committed people who offer a positive attitude towards their work and environment, who are eager to learn and who contribute to our projects with quality and focus.

You can learn more about our team in the Community and Members sections. Please visit our Projects section for a source of past research and information about our work in progress.


 Avoid Messenger Service Spam
  11 January 2003 - submitted by Thomas Krammer
This article shows you how to avoid Messenger Service Spam using the built-in firewall of Windows 2000/XP. Read More about it on our projects page.

 TaskManager 0.1.6
  08 December 2002 - submitted by Thomas Krammer
This version includes a Japanese localization and a bunch of smaller bugfixes. [Download Here]

 TaskManager 0.1.5
  16 November 2002 - submitted by Thomas Krammer
Maintainance version 0.1.5 of the BeOS Taskmanager is released. It fixes some team list update and general install problems. [Download Here]

 Midgard for Mandrake Tutorial
  26 August 2002 - submitted by Christopher Kohlert
I did a detailed installation tutorial for the content management system Midgard. The tutorial is mainly targeted for Mandrake Linux users but most of the information should apply to other GNU/Linux distributions as well. Read more about it on our projects page.

 New hompage design finished
  29 March 2002 - submitted by WebMaster
Finally. After almost a month of work we are proud to present the new 3rd-evolution homepage to the public. It works on almost every platform and browser. It was optimized for the following browsers: Netscape 4.x and 6.x; Mozilla, IE 4.x, 5.x, 6.x; Opera for Windows; Opera 3.6 for BeOS, Netpositive (BeOS 5, Dano).

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