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Base class for mouse handlers.

CViewMouseAction Constructor
Controled Returns the controled view.
HitTest Returns the area the mouse is over.
MoveControledBy Moves the controled view.
MoveControledTo Moves the controled view.
MoveControledTo Moves the controled view.
ResizeControledBy Resizes the controled view.
ResizeControledTo Resizes the controled view.
controled Controled view.


A mouse action object does the mouse handling for a view. The view calls the according mouse action methods in its implementation of the MouseDown, MouseUp and MouseMoved hook functions.

The mouse action object takes all actions to handle the mouse message e.g move the controled view, resize it or call some method of the controled view. The action taken normally depends on the area the mouse is over. Therefore the controled view must implenent the IHitTest interface.

This separation of mouse handler and view allows you to create a class hierarchy of mouse handles indepentent from view's class hierarchy.

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Derived from IMouseAction
Declared in ViewAction.h


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