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CCloseButton Decoration which displays a BeOS style close button.
CColor CColor is a simple wrapper class for the rgb_color structure.
CDefaultDecorationFactory Default implementation of IDecorationFactory.
CGlyphMenuItem Menu item with an icon in front of the label
CMDIClientView Manager for MDI Views
CMDIMouseAction Mouse handler of CMDIView.
CMDITitleMouseAction Mouse handler of CMDITitleView.
CMDITitleView Displays the title of a MDI view.
CMDIView MDI view
CMDIViewMenu Displays a list of MDI views.
CMaximizeButton Decoration which displays a BeOS style maximize button.
CMaximizeButtonView Displays a BeOS style maximize button.
CTitleView Base class for title tabs.
CTitledView View with a title tab.
CViewMouseAction Base class for mouse handlers.
CZOrderedView This view maintains a z-order.
CZOrderedViewManager This class manages a list of ZOrderedViews.
IButtonDecoration Interface for all button decorations
IDecoration Interface for all decorations
IDecorationFactory Interface for decoration factories.
IHitTest Interface for classes controled by mouse handlers.
IMouseAction Interface for mouse handlers.


The following image shows the most important classes and their on-screen image. You normally only need these four classes.

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