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Be TaskManager is a taskmanager for BeOS. Inspired by Windows NT Be TaskManager shows the usage of the processors and the actual memory-consumption in a column-based or a time-based table.

Be TaskManager displays all relevant system information in three tabs in its main window. These are:

  • The Usage tab: Displays general system information like memory and CPU usage.
  • The Process tab: Displays all runnig processes (teams) in your system, their memory and CPU usage, team id etc. You can quit teams, kill them and change their priority.
  • The Performance tab: This is a configurable graphical display for various system information including your motherboard temperature (x86 version only, only available if you have a LM78 motherboard sensor installed).

Additional Information

Download x86 version Be Taskmanager 0.1.7 x86
Requires BeOS R5
Download PPC version Be Taskmanager 0.1.7 PPC
Requires BeOS R5
Download source code Be Taskmanager 0.1.7 source code
Download older versions Older versions

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