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CColor is a simple wrapper class for the rgb_color structure.

BeBackgroundGray Background color for panels and controls.
BeButtonGray Button background.
BeDarkShadow Dark shadow (for 3D look)
BeFocusBlue Color of the rectangle around focused controls.
BeHighlight Highlight (for 3D look)
BeInactiveControlGray Color of inactive controls.
BeInactiveGray Same as BeInactiveControlGray.
BeLightShadow Light shadow (for 3D look)
BeListSelectGray Background color for selected entries in a listview.
BeMenuBackgroundGray Background color for menus.
BeMenuSelectGray Background color for the selected entry in a menu.
BeShadow Shadow (for 3D look)
BeTitleBarYellow Background color of the title tab.
Black Pure black (r=0, b=0, g=0)
Blue Pure blue (r=0, g=0, b=255)
CColor Default constructor
CColor Copy constructor
CColor Construct a CColor object from default UI color.
CColor Copy constructor
CColor Construct a CColor object from color and "tint level".
CColor Constructs a color from color components and alpha channel.
Cyan Pure cyan (r=0, g=255, b=255)
Green Pure green (r=0, g=255, b=0)
Magenta Pure magenta (r=255, g=0, b=255)
PrintToStream Prints a color to stdout
Red Pure red (r=255, g=0, b=0)
Transparent Transparent color (B_TRANSPARENT_COLOR).
White Pure white (r=255, b=255, g=255)
Yellow Pure yellow (r=255, g=255, b=0)
operator + Add two colors.
operator += Add color.
operator - Substract two colors.
operator -= Substract color.
operator= Assign a CColor.
operator= Assign a rgb_color.

This class contains a number of static predefined colors. Most of these colors are the default UI colors of BeOS. The other colors define often used basic colors like black and white.

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Derived from rgb_color
Declared in Color.h


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