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Base class for title tabs.

Activate Called, when this view or its target is activated or deactivated.
CTitleView Constructor
SetTarget Sets the target.
Target Returns the target.
TargetMoved Called, when the target is moved.
TargetResized Called, when the target is resized.
TargetTitleChanged Called, when the title of the target changes.
target The target view.
~CTitleView Destructor


A title view displays the title of a titled view. That titled view is called 'target'. The size and position of a title view normally depends on the size and position of the target. If the target is moved or resize it must notify its title view. Therfore it must be derived from CTitledView.

The title view holds a pointer to its target and vice versa. Such a pair should be created in this order:

  1. Create the titled view.
  2. Create a title view and pass the titled view to its constructor.
  3. Call CTitledView::SetTitleView and pass a pointer to the title view to it.
  4. Add both views to a CZOrderedViewManager using Z_AddChild.

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Derived from CZOrderedView
Declared in TitledView.h


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