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This view maintains a z-order.

Above Returns the view above this one.
ApplyClippingRegion Applies a new clipping region.
AttachedToWindow BeOS hook function
Below Returns the view beneath this one.
CZOrderedView Constructor
ClippingRegion Returns the clipping region for this view.
FrameMoved BeOS hook function
FrameResized BeOS hook function
ObscuredRegion Returns the region of this view, which is obscured by other views.
RedrawBelow Returns true, if the views beneath must be redrawn.
RemoveFromZOrder Removes the view from the z-order.
ScreenRect Returns the cached screen retangle.
SetAboveView Sets the view above this one.
SetBelowView Sets the view beneath this one.
UpdateScreenRect Updates the cached screen rectangle.
above The view above this one.
below The view beneath this one.
screenRect Position of this view in screen coordinates.
~CZOrderedView Destructor

Normal views don't maintain a z-order. But this class contains two pointers: one to the view above and another to the one below this view. This double-linked list defines the z-order of the views.

Views of this class should only be used inside a CZOrderedViewManager. The ZOrderedViewManager uses the double linked list to calculate the correct clipping for the views inside it.

It's very slow to convert the bounds rectangle from view to screen coordinates. But this operation is very common during the calculation of the clipping region. Therefore this class caches its screen rectangle.

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Derived from BView
Declared in ZOrderedView.h


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