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This class manages a list of ZOrderedViews.

CZOrderedViewManager Constructor
WindowActivated BeOS hook function
Z_AddChild Adds a new child view.
Z_BringToFront Brings a view to front
Z_InvalidateChildren Invalidates a view and all its children.
Z_InvalidateChildren Invalidates a region of a view and its children.
Z_MoveViewTo Moves a view
Z_RecalcClipping Reclip 'changedView' and all views below.
Z_ReclipFromAbove Calculates the clipping region for a view.
Z_RemoveView Removes a view
Z_ResizeViewTo Modifies the size of a view
Z_SendToBack Sends a view to back.
Z_UpdateCachedRects Updates the cached screen rectangles for all ZOrderedViews.
Z_UpdateClipping Recalc the clipping of a view and for the obscured/revealed areas.
Z_ViewPositionChanged Update clipping after a view was resized or moved.
backMostView Back most view.
cachedOrigin Position on screen at last update of the cached screen rects.
firstActivate True if this view never was activated.
topMostView Top most view.


Normal BeOS views don't maintain a z-order. All siblings have the same position in the z-order. This means that siblings can overdraw each other. Normally views don't overlap, so this isn't an issue.

But MDI views must not overdraw each other. Therefore they are derived from CZOrderedView. ZOrderedViews can only live inside a CZOrderedViewManager.

A ZOrderedViewManager takes all its child views and does the necessary clipping. This class mirrors all view operations, which could affect clipping (moving a view, resizing it etc.). Normally shouldn't you don't call the view's operation directly. Call the ViewManager's method instead. This asures that the clipping remains intact.

Normally you shouldn't use CZOrderedView directly. Instead use CMDIClientView, which is derived from this class.

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Derived from BView
Declared in ZOrderedView.h


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