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Displays the title of a MDI view.

Activate Called when the target is activated.
Active Returns true, if the target view is active.
BackgroundColor Background color of the title tab.
CMDITitleView Constructor
CloseButtonPressed Returns the state of the close button.
CloseButtonRect Bounding rectangle of the close button.
DisplayCloseButton Returns true, if the close button should be displayed.
DisplayMaximizeButton Bounding rectangle of the maximize button.
Draw BeOS hook function
GetPreferredSize Returns the preferred size of this view.
GetTitleFont Returns the font which is used to draw the title.
GetTitleWidthAndPos Returns width and postion of the title.
HitTest Returns the area the mouse is over.
MaximizeButtonPressed Returns the state of the maximize button.
MaximizeButtonRect Returns true, if the maximize button should be displayed.
MouseDown BeOS hook function
MouseMoved BeOS hook function
MouseUp BeOS hook function
SetCloseButtonPressed Set the state of the close button.
SetMaximizeButtonPressed Set the state of the maximize button.
TargetMoved Called if the target is moved.
TargetResized Called if the target was resized.
TargetTitleChanged Called if the title of the target changed.
active True, if the the target view is active.
closeButton Close button decoration.
distFromBottomBorder Distance of the close box from bottom border.
distFromCloseBox Distance of the title from the close box.
distFromLeftBorder Distance of the close box from left border.
distFromMaximizeBox Distance of the title form the maximize box.
distFromRightBorder Distance of the title from right border.
distFromTopBorder Distance of the close box from top border.
maximizeButton Maximize button decoration.
mouseAction Attached mouse action.
~CMDITitleView Destructor


This view simulates a BeOS title tab. It contains a close button and a maximize button. Both buttons are drawn by a decoration, which is attached to this view. Those decorations are created using the global decoration factory.

It works together with the classes CMDIClientView and CMDIView. A CMDITitleView object must be connected to a CMDIView during creation. See CTitledView for more information on this creation process. A CMDITitleView expects to be a direct child of a CMDIClientView.

Normally you don't need to create a title view. The CMDIClientView automatically creates a title view, if you attach a MDI view to it.

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Derived from CTitleView
Declared in MDITitleView.h


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