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Manager for MDI Views

ActivateView Activates a MDI view.
AddChild Hide AddChild.
AddMDIView Adds a new MDI view.
AttachedToWindow BeOS hook function
BeginViewMove Called when the user begins to move a MDI view.
BeginViewResize Called when the user begins to resize a MDI view.
BringToFront Brings a view to front.
CMDIClientView Constructor
CMDIWindowFilter Message filter for mouse messages.
CountMDIViews Returns the number of MDI views inside this view.
CountVisibleMDIViews Returns the number of visible MDI views.
CreateTitleView Factory method for title tabs.
DetachedFromWindow BeOS hook function
EnableMouseRedirect Enable mouse redirect
EndViewMove Called when the user stops to move a MDI view.
EndViewResize Called when the user stops to resize a MDI view.
FrameResized BeOS hook function
GetNextMDIView Walk through the list of MDI views.
GetNextVisibleMDIView Walk through the list of visible MDI views.
HideRestoreButton Hides the restore button.
HideScrollBar Hides a scrollbar.
HideView Hides a MDI view.
Internal_ViewFromPoint Internal method
MaximizeView Maximizes a view.
MessageReceived BeOS hook function
MinimizeView Minimizes a view
MouseRedirectEnabled Returns true, if the mouse redirect filter is enabled.
MoveViewBy Moves a view.
MoveViewTo Moves a view.
MoveViewTo Moves a view.
RemoveMDIView Removes a MDI view.
ResizeViewBy Resizes a view.
ResizeViewTo Resizes a view.
RestoreView Restores the currenctly maximized view.
SendToBack Sends a view to back.
ShowRestoreButton Displays the restore button
ShowScrollBar Shows a scrollbar.
ShowView Displays a hidden MDI view.
SomeViewMaximized Returns true, if some MDI view is maximized.
StackViews Stack the views.
TargetedByScrollView BeOS hook function
TileViews Tiles the views either horizontal or vertical.
UpdateDataRect Update virtual size.
UpdateScrollBars Update scrollers.
UpdateWindowTitle Adds the MDI title to the window title
ViewFromPoint Returns the view which contains the specified point.
WindowActivated BeOS hook function
activeView Current active view.
dataRect Virtual size of this view (for scrolling).
filter Pointer to the filter which was attached to the window.
mouseRedirect True if mouse message redirection is enabled.
originalWindowTitle Window title before UpdateWindowTitle was called the first time.
restoreButton The restore button, which is shown right of the menu bar.
restoreInfo Information needed to restore the maximized view.
restore_info Contains all information needed to restore the maximized view.
scrollView The scroll view, which targets this view.
~CMDIClientView Destructor


A CMDIClientView contains all MDI views of an application. The MDI views and their title tabs are children of this view. Because this class is derived from CZOrderedViewManager it ensures that the clippling of its child views is correct.

A CMDIClientView normally is a direct child of a BScrollView scroll view. The MDI client view automatically hides the scrollbars, if they aren't needed. If the client view isnt' targeted by a scroll view, the user can still move the MDI views outside the visible area. Therefore you should either use the scrolling or implement your own way to get those views back.

MDI views can be minimized by a double-click on their title tab or by calling MinimizeView. Minimized views are simply hidden. In order to allow the user to get them back you must add a CMDIViewMenu sub-menu to your menu bar.

MDI views can also be maximized. If a MDI view is maximized the first child (ChildAt(0)) of the MDI view replaces the MDI client view in the view hierarchy. To restore the maximized view to its orginal size and position a button is displayed right of the key menubar of the parent window.

Like any CZOrderedView a MDI view maintains a double linked list to the views above and beneath itself. It also depends on the CZOrderedViewManager to update its clipping if needed. Therefore you shouldn't call any methods which change the position or size (like BView::MoveTo or BView::ResizeTo) directly. Instead use the methods of this class to modify the size or position of a MDI view.

A normal MDI view has a title tab, with allows the user to move the view around, maximize, minimize and close it. That title view is created, when the MDI view is added via the AddMDIView method. Don't use AddChild directly. All views added via AddMDIView must be derived from CMDIView.

When a CMDIClientView is attached to a window, it attaches a message filter to it. That is necessary, because BeOS doesn't know anything about the z-order of the views and directs the messages to the first view it finds that contains the mouse. The message filter redirects the message to the correct view.

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Derived from CZOrderedViewManager
Declared in MDIClientView.h


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